IIT BOMBAY is offering internship to freshers in their institute. The details of the internship, requirement and other information is given below:



IITB Research Internship Award is designed to be an educational and professional research experience. These awards are available for specific research projects. The details of these projects are made available to the candidates so that they can apply for projects of their interest and can prepare themselves well for a rigorous selection procedure. The number of interns will be restricted to the number of projects available. The selected interns are required to work full time for four to six months on the project and will be given a fixed stipend of Rs. 15,000/- per month. On-campus accommodation cannot be provided. Candidates will have to arrange for their own accommodation.

Task Timeline
Start and Last Date for submission of Application form 1st August,2022 – 30th August, 2022
Dates for Interview 1st October, 2022 – 10th October, 2022
Joining of Internship 1st December, 2022 – 8th January, 2023
Duration of Internship Duration will be minimum four months to maximum six months from the date of joining.


How to apply: CLICK HERE

  • Should be in the Second year of a Masters program, or third / fourth year of a Bachelors program. Branch / discipline of study will be as per the project requirements specified by IIT Bombay Faculty (Internship Guide).
  • Should be among the top 10% in all the previous years in your discipline in the College / University / Institute. A certificate from the Principal (in the prescribed format) to this effect will have to be submitted at the time of applying.
  • Duration of internship four to six months between December and June
  • Should be a full-time student while applying and till the completion of the Internship. You may submit a partial project report before (e.g., in April) the completion of the Internship (e.g., in June) if the academic calendar of your College / Institute / University requires you to do so, with the prior consent of the Internship Guide.
  • Should be able to work full-time for the Internship. Part-time internship is not allowed. A certificate to the effect that there are no course work requirements during the internship period has to be submitted at the time of applying


Apply through link here: CLICK HERE


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