In this article, let us know how to prepare, practise and crack IBPS clerk and PO exams in home. What are the things that you need to know and how one should prepare a strategy for themselves.

We will be knowing it in Telugu for better understanding.


IBPS clerk exams ki salary starts from 28,000/- but, the takin after cuttings around 25k untundi. Ee exam 2 levels lo pedtaru…Prelims and Mains. Prelims lo manaki 100 objective type questions untay. Idi manaki oka qualifying round.

Ee round lo we will be asked questions on English, Quantitative aptitude and Reasoning. English meeda 30 questions, Quantitative aptitude meeda & Reasoning meeda 35 untay. So, ala motham kalipi 100 questions. Time vachesi 60 minutes. Ee part easy to crack ane cheppachu. and Next comes mains.

Mains lo 4 sections untay. General awareness, General English, Reasoning & computer aptitude, Quantitaive aptitude. Ila 4 sections untay. Each section lo manaki 50 questions untay. Kani General English lo 40 ne untay. Total ga 190 questions. Maximum marks 200 & duration vachesi 160 minutes.

Remember prelims and mains renditlo manaki negative marking untundi. Wrong question ki 1/4th of the marks cut avthay.

So, IBPS clerk varuku idi matter….



Prelims is same as for the clerk exam. But, mains vachesi written test untundi. Ante descriptive type exam untundi. Oka essay and oka letter writing istaru 30 minutes lo rayali 25 marks untundi.

IBPS mains exam timings vachesi 180 minutes. Reasoning & computer aptitude, English language, Data Analysis, General Economy & Banking awareness untayi…45, 35, 35, 40 ala total ga 155 questions 200 marks ki untayi.

Idi aipoyaka malli interview untundi. Personal details and banking awareness meeda untundi. PO salary vachesi 45,000/- daaka untundi take home 37k untundi.

Resources & Strategy:

According to me 6 months of vigorous preparation is very important to crack exams. Gattiga oka topic meeda at the max 6 models expect cheyachu. Ante number system meeda unnay anukondi….model of questions oka 7-8 expect cheyachu. Alage Time & work teeskunte oka 6 types expect cheyachu.

Mundu okkoka topic meeda enni type of questions adugutunnadu anedi analyse cheyali. andulo unna every type practise cheyyali. Artham kakapothe youtube lo plenty of resources unnay. Okka saari meeru anni types practise chesaka, multiple resources nunchi tests rayandi okate topic meeda. Andulo emaina kotha question vachindemo chudandi. Ledu raledu and you did your best anukunte you can go for next topic. IBPS aina SBI aina SSC aina kotha type of questions ni create cheyyadam evari valla kaadu. So, anni types ni manam prepare avthe exam set!!!

English aina anthe daily practise is the only key. Tenses chustaru andulo practise chestaru..next prepositions ala anni cover chestam. Syllabus paper pakkana pettukondi. Oka topic aipogane tick pettukondi.

Next General awareness. Daniki daily oka ganta newspaper chadavandi. Eenadu aina parledu inkedaina parledu kani Eenadu paper lo business page articles raase editors topic ni simplify chesi cheptaru so, read it.


  • Wren and Martin’s English Grammar and Composition – For English
  • Manorama Yearbook – General & Banking awareness
  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Agarwal – For Quants
  • A Modern Approach to Reasoning by R.S Agarwal – Reasoning
  • Youtube lo Hindi vasthe DINESH MIGLANI sir aptitude videos super untay

Hope you liked it. Inka emaina doubts unte comment cheyandi.

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