Sunday, July 21, 2024

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What you have read is true. The ongoing Trade war between the USA & China could actually help India and its economy. $11 billion worth investments are awaiting India’s positive response to set up their business and manufacturing centers in India.

Trade tensions between the USA & China made some US-based companies to shift their manufacturing centers from China to India as China is imposing higher tariffs on the US-based companies.

Vietnam is one of the South Asian countries which has been benefited until now. And of course, India would be one of such benefits if they move with a perfect strategy.

Even though India s a very big country, the world share of India in the global market is very small. Germany, whose population is 11 times less than India made an economic share of 8.17% in the Global market in 2017 whereas India made 1.68% in the same year.

But what are the factors India lagging back??

Here are those:

Indian Land Laws...Due to the land laws in India, we are unable to provide the investors with the land they have been asking for.

The other one is the Labour Law, there are 40 labor laws in India which the investors need to strictly follow..which became a major hurdle for them.

As India is a big country many lands and labor laws are maintained by State Governments but not the Central Governments. So, India should move quickly in changing such reforms and thinking in an innovative business statistical way.