Nuts and Bolts manufacturing industry is a very profitable venture as those are used in every sector like mechanical, civil, electrical, and electronics. The market for nuts and bolts is huge and the venture would turn out profitable if you go with a perfect marketing strategy. This industry can be set up by any person belonging to any field. But, a person from a mechanical background will understand the working of the machine very easily. However, it is not rocket science and can be understood easily.

In this article, you will be knowing the investment/machinery required/working capital required for starting a Nuts and Bolt factory.

The factory space depends on your own interest but however, I will be considering the office space as 2000 sq. feet.

Machinery required:

1.Automatic Nut Cutting Machine – 5 lakhs/piece

2.Automatic Nut tapping machine – 6 lakhs/piece

3.Automatic Bolt making Machine – 6 lakhs/piece

For making the nuts and bolts, you need to choose the desired size of bolt and nut that you want to make. Once chosen, buy the desired size of hexagonal rods. Then the process is quite simple as all the machines are automated. Just choose the option in the Nut cutting machine and insert the rod into the machine. The output will be a bolt of the required size. The same implies to bolts.

Suppliers for all the above products are available in Gujarat, Punjab, and Jharkhand regions. But you can buy them through the IndiaMart website. But, if you are keen of starting this business, better visit the supplier and know the working model.

Total equipment will cost you around 20,00,000/-

The cost of the place will be depending on the place where you are living. But, an average estimation could be around 1,00,000 lease for 3 months.

Working capital could be estimated around 5,00,000/-

Can be managed with unskilled labor but, one needs to understand the functioning of the machinery to handle it. If you are going to start the business with one machine of both nuts and bolts, the plant can be manageable with 5 persons including an administrator.

The major monthly Expenses in the business is Electricity.

Marketing Strategy:

If you are going to start the business with minimum resources and less capacity, your targeting market should be your own town or village. At least 20-30 frequent buyers are required to reach the breakthrough. A 25mm size of nut and bolt cost you 5/-. So, your production should match the demand.

1.Analyse the market.

2.Go through the rates at different sellers.

3.Analyse if you can provide the product cheaper than the market rate.

4.Analyse where you can reduce the production cost and then start your business.

From the above article, you got the details where the machinery can be brought, how it is manufactured, cost details, and marketing details. Land, electricity, and working capital changes from place to place and person to person. For further details contact us at

Gmail: [email protected]

-Krishna (Frontlines media)


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