HOW TO SEARCH JOBS IN DUBAI: career guidance


How to search jobs in Dubai..?
Lengthy please read it..❤️

First of all abroad lo job cheyali ane dream or thought andariki untundhi..❤️
But we can’t able to find becoz of we don’t know anyone and elano telidhu..🙇‍♂️

So Naku telsina information ikada share chesthunanu may be it will helpful to someone..
this is for who is trying to search job in United Arab Emirates(Dubai)🕺

A job try cheyalana first meeru a industry ki try chesthunaru and a role ki ani meku clarity undali..
Edho okati chesedham antey survive avaleru there a lot of job scams if you are trying to do like that.

Abroad lo Jobs search cheyadaniki nak telsina ways:
-Reference from relatives/Friends
-Through Linkedin/Job Portals,Company websites
-Travel to dubai by visit visa and search for jobs/Consultancies

*Reference from relatives/Friends
Everyone knows about this friends or relatives dwara reference vachi
ah nxt online interview or direct visa echi tesukuni job lo join avadam
warning- ikada mek telsina friends ramanaru ani visa konukuni rakandi first ah company lo job undha
asalu geniune ey na company salaries in time ki pay chesthundha anedhi telsukondi

*Through Linkedin-
This is the best way to search job in dubai almost chala mandi ilane try chestharu
Meeru a industries ki ayiothe vellali anukuntunaro ah companies search chesi ah related hr profiles findout chesi me cv submit cheyadam

-for ex: Na role graphic desigining ayithe adverstising companies list out chesukuni
ah nxt ah companies linkedin lo search chesi ah related Hr or managers ki cv submit cheyadam

Job portals
Khaleej times jobs-
Buzz on-
Naukari Gulf-
Gulf Talent-

e job portals lo meru jobs apply cheydam dwara job ravadam anedhi 50% but
meeru updated ga untey ah job meku chudagane meeru linkedin lo search chesi meku a role suit ayithe you can submit cv
this will help you to get quick attention from HR

Company Websites-
Meeru a indsutry related ayithe ah indsutry comapnies names google lo search chesi list tesukuni
ah company websites lo careers page lo meku available jobs untay you can apply for those for examaple

these are the trusted consultancies from dubai
Note-Dont pay anything to the consultancies vallu job vacahaka deduction thapa evaru kooda mundhu pay cheyamanaru even registration fee.
*Visit Visa-
Dubai ki visit visa ki apply chesthe within 24 hours lo vachudhi and less cost as well
Chaala mandhi foriegners idhe chestharu i’m not saying you have to follow this its depends upon your network and skills as well
-Visit visa 30 days ki tesukuni companies list tesukuni walk in cheyadam and related hr ki mails chesthu contact avadam
-And part times jobs untay means visit visa medha vachina vallani most of companies monthly base hire chesukuntay
because they dont have to pay for visa and other expenses

At last chepedentante dubai lo job antey max UAE lo experience una vallani max prefer chestharu
But most of the freshers they will get job through linkedin connections penchukuni try chesthe you can get job

If you are fresher looking for job in dubai..
Neku intrest una role or skill 6 to 8 months consistant ga nerchukuni
real time experience one to two years gain chesi apudu abroad ki try cheyandi
Ledhu mundhe plans vestham antey nastapoyedhi merey
Becoz ikada experience lekunda survive avadam kastam


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