The hunt for a job for freshers starts with the preparation of a resume. But, believe me, it occupies almost 50% importance in fetching you the job. Here in this article, I will be sharing the basic things considered while preparing a resume, mistakes that you shouldn’t do, format of the resume.

Basic Things To Remember:

  • The resume should be short and simple. Should not exceed 2 pages.
  • A resume should not have any heading. It should have a header that should contain your personal details like name, email id, and phone number.
  • Your academics should be mentioned in descending order. (Paina nunchi kindaki)
  • Just mention your bachelor, Intermediate, and 10th class details.
  • Mention your achievements in descending order. For example, did something in 1st year…2nd year….3rd year, and so on.
  • Use a new roman font size between 10 & 12
  • Mention your project (both major and mini). Write a brief introduction to a major project. Do not exceed more than 2 to 3 lines.

Never Make These Mistakes While Preparing a Resume:

  • First thing first, never bluff. Present what you did.
  • Do not paste your passport size photo on your resume.
  • Do not put silly hobbies. They may ask you unanswerable questions.
  • Keep editing and updating your resume. If you are going to an IT interview, your objective should resemble it. If you are going to a core job interview, your objective should change.
  • Take a print of both the resumes.

Perfect Resume Format:

  • Header: Name, email, phone number, roll number (not mandatory)
  • Career Objective
  • Educational qualifications: Include aggregate, college/school names
  • Technical skills
  • Internships, Project
  • Achievements
  • Personal details: Name, DOB, Father’s name, Languages known
  • References (Not mandatory)

Don’t worry if your resume is just 1 page. It can be 1 page but, should not exceed 2 pages.

All the Best

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