Generally, there will be two types of pilots in India. Namely, the commercial pilots who fly private jets, commercial airplanes & the other ones are who fly Indian army jets, Indian airforce, and navy jets. Today we will know about Commercial Pilots.

General Requirements:

  • Should be a citizen of India
  • Should be between the age of 18-32
  • Eyesight: 6/6 vision (with or without glasses)
  • Should not have color blindness
  • Should have completed Inter or related course with at least 55% in Physics, Maths & English

How to get Admission:

One needs to get admission to the flying school to get trained and become a commercial pilot. After the 12th class, one needs to pass the entrance exam conducted by the flying school. There are many flying schools available in India but, the main thing that we need to focus on is that whether the school is recognized by DGCA or not. DGCA stands for Directorate general of civil aviation. 

You will be trained about planes both theoretically and practically. Once you get into the flying school you will get the STUDENT PILOT LICENSE. This allows you to sit in the cockpit beside the pilot and learn things. After completion of 60hours of flying experience, you will get a PRIVATE PILOT LICENSE. After 210 flying hours as PPL, you will get a commercial pilot license. After getting the CPL, you are eligible to apply for a pilot job in any commercial airline.

The duration of the course is around 18-30 months and the fees depend on the flying school you join. Basically, it would range from 15-30 lakhs. 

But, trust me you will be able to earn that salary within 3 months if you join as a commercial pilot in any airline.

There is another way, airlines these days started a special training program called CADET TRAINING PROGRAM. After 12th, and after appearing an exam by the airlines, they will train the selected candidates and give you a job in their airlines itself.

One should be very passionate and should be economically sound.

The salary for an experienced captain will be around 15 lakhs/month and but one needs to spend at least 50 lakhs from admission to training.

The cheapest way to become a pilot is through the Indian Airforce. Which is absolutely free of cost. But, you need a lot of determination and passion and should risk your life for it.

-Krishna (FrontlinesMedia)



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