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After watching The Family Man series many have dreamt of becoming an NIA officer. Some may just want to know the process. So, let us know about it in this article.

What is NIA?

NIA is nothing but, National Investigating Agency. They work on the inputs given by Intelligence agencies like RAW. For suppose the Intelligence agency gives information that terrorists are planning an attack in some place of India, the NIA officers find the terrorist and burst the attack. This is how NIA works.

NIA has 3 cells namely..

  1. Investigation Division
  2. Policy Research and Coordination Division
  3. Administrative Division

Each of them has their own work like investigating, maintaining the records, analyzing the movements of sleeper cells in the country.

How to Join NIA?

There are only 2 indirect ways to join NIA. One is through the SSC-CGL exam and the other is UPSC civils exams. The one who got selected through UPSC & cracked IRS & IPS will be appointed as officers in NIA under deputation. And the other way is through the SSC-CGL exam. One needs to aim for the Sub-Inspector post by cracking the exam. The sub-inspector post in NIA is the lower officer cadre in NIA.

Graduation in any stream is the minimum requirement for this role.

The applicant

  • Should have a distant vision of 6/6 for one eye and 6/6 for other eyes
  • Should have near vision of 0.6 for one eye and 0.8 for other eyes.
  • Male candidates should have a 76 cm chest and for female candidates, this parameter is not considered.
  • Male candidates should have at least 170 cms height and females should have at least 150 cms height.

Final Words:

NIA is a dream job for many and you must be aware of the risk in the job. NIA officers will not have any specific time of duties. They just need to work on completing the given task. NIA office in the investigation should not reveal his job details even to their family members as they might get their family into trouble. So, if you are planning for a career in NIA, work hard from now. Or if you are here just to know how to join NIA then you have already known about it now wait for The Family Man Season 3.





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