How Technology Helped China in Controlling The Spread Of Corona Virus

how technology helped china coronavirus

Technology is now the most important aspect of the world. Now, China proved that it can also be used in controlling the spread of some deadly diseases like the Corona Virus. The corona-virus spread in China has now controlled rapidly from 300 deaths per day to 50-100 suspects per day.

The role of technology has to be discussed. An epidemiologist quoted that “The Key learning from China is Speed”. Both the disease and the controlling measures went at a brisk style.

Coronavirus Live Updates: The Latest COVID-19

One example of the involvement of technology in controlling the Coronavirus is the development of the COVID-19 mobile app. The app tells the people whether they have been in close contact with anyone confirmed infected, based on the flight, train or bus they are traveling.

It gives the information of a corona infected passenger traveled in the respective coach and asks the other travelers to stay away from that place.

where the china coronavirus has been found

A government-run close contact detector platform allows companies to check if any employee has been in contact with those infected by checking their national identification number. Of course, the government took all the personal data of their citizen without their permission and media kept quite as China is a communist nation and the sole power lies with the rulers itself. If that was the case in India, the Human Rights Commission would not have been tolerated the situation.

Telecom operators have shared the location of the citizens and their contacts with the government which helped them in finding out the close contacts with the corona victim. This helped in controlling the spread of the disease.

Coronavirus Forced Chinese Food Delivery To Evolve

The delivery riders stood as the HEROES OF THIS CORONA OUTBREAK. As they risked their lives in delivering the food to the affected people and to those who are house arrested.

Overloaded Chinese delivery worker during coronavirus

Every business in China failed to be stable but, the food and delivery business went into huge profits even in such a phenomenon. The reason for this is the delivery riders and the restaurants that served food to people even in such a crisis.

As we all know that China has a very huge population than India, even though the spread of coronavirus is not so severe in India, but the Indian government should focus on these controlling measures to tackle any difficult situation in the country if it exists.


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