How Degree Students Should Get Ready for Corporate Jobs?

Get Ready for Corporate Jobs

Are you a degree student..?

Do you wanted to settle in the software sector.. then this article is for you.
Generally, all people think software companies hire only B-Tech graduates. Yes, they hire graduates from B-Tech and now they have started to hire degree graduates also.

For this, they follow some recruitment process. Every company has its own process to recruit people.

Firstly, they conduct an online or written Exam

The exam consists of arithmetic, reasoning and  English sections.
The main topics you have to concentrate in arithmetic are percentages, profit and loss, simple and compound interests, averages, ages, ratio and proportions, time – speed, boats- streams, pipes and cisterns, L.C.M and H.C.F, probability, permutations and combinations, areas, and volumes, data analysis

In reasoning you have to concentrate on coding-decoding, sitting arrangement, number series, wrong number series, letter series, the odd one out, directions, blood relations, logical statements and conclusions, ranking, diagram patterns
In English you have to concentrate on tenses, articles, prepositions, vocabulary, active and passive voice, direct and indirect speech, synonyms, antonyms,  fill in the blanks in paragraphs.
 Mostly all companies follow this pattern. Now to filter the students some companies adding coding sections also. No need to worry the coding consists of basic programming questions mostly from c,  Java or maybe other programming languages from your academics.
After the exam, they conduct JAM (just a minute) and GD (group discussion) sessions.
In the JAM session, they give a particular topic, you have to speak one minute accurately.
In the GD session, they give one topic and give some time to think about it, then they conduct GD. Mostly they give current burning topics. So, it is good to follow current affairs. Try to initiate the session and don’t argue with others. The theme of GD is convincing.
For suppose they given you a topic SOCIAL NETWORK, it has both good and bad shades.. if you support good shade, try to stick on the good shade.  Don’t change until the completion of GD. Try to encourage the other people in the group to speak this shows your leadership qualities. Lastly, give the conclusion.
JAM and GD
interview About JAM (just a minute) and GD (Group Discussion)
The theme of GD is to observe your speaking skills, leadership skills, how you interacting with others. So speak in a good manner and convince others in a polite way.
Some conduct typing tests also.. in this they observe Grammar and typing speed.

The final phase is the interview:

  • It consists of a technical round, HR round some companies conduct MR (managerial) round also.
  • In the technical round, they ask you questions from programming languages that you have mentioned in your resume or from programming languages in your academics.
  • The managerial round is to observe how can you handle stress or a problem. They rise the questions to make you tension, in that situation, don’t be panic and handle the situation carefully.
  • The final round is HR round. In this round, they ask general questions like self details, about your village, shifts, backlogs, hobbies.
  • You have to say OK to all shifts and mention no backlogs and no gap between your academics years.
  • They observe your communication skills in this round. You must be aware of what you mentioned in your resume. For example, if you mentioned reading books in your hobbies.. they will ask you about the books and authors.. so don’t mention false information.
  • These are all phases in a recurring process. Companies didn’t conduct all these phases. They decide dynamically at the time of the interview.
  • Some may not conduct JAM or GD and typing tests some may not conduct MR round. If they have sufficient time they may conduct. So be prepared all the phases are going to be conducted.
  • Even a non-computer background student can attempt some interviews. The companies mention the student’s qualifications. If you are eligible then you can attend the interview.
  • Starting the package of a degree graduate may be low when compared to BTech graduate, after getting experience your salary also will be high.
  • It is good to start your career in the software sector after degree…..
  • Plan and prepare from the first year then you can easily crack the interviews.


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