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The FAU-G game which was announced by n-core games of Bengaluru and backed by Bollywood star Akshay Kumar has just released and people are eagerly downloading it. So, here is the first impression of the game.

The company CEO said that the FAU-G is all about how Indian soldiers work at the borders, safeguarding the people of the country.


The backdrop of the game goes on while an Indian Sardar Ji Soldier searches for his other teammates who are under the control of Chinese soldiers. The campaign has 4 steps for the soldier to kill all those Chinese soldiers who come in his way. The only way he could fight is with his body and 2 weapons. Like health drinks in PUB-G, a soldier will have to sit at the campfire and take a rest to gain health.

The initial impression of the game is quite good. But it could have better graphics. The game is available for download at around 400MB. Few or more missions could be added to make the game more interesting. Multiple weapons could make the game even more interesting.

Although it is too early to review the game, people started comparing it with PUB-G and started criticizing the graphics. As of now, the game does not match the specifications of an I-phone but, can be played on Android phones.

Hope the founders of FAU-G, n-Core games invest more time and money on graphics, theme, mission, and weapons. Till today, there is no update on the return of PUB-G in India, so, a better user interface could fetch more downloads and grab gaming market share in the country.

Ratings: 6/10

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-Krishna (FrontlinesMedia)


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