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A 10 days workshop on Destructive and Non-destructive testing by AXIS INSPECTION SOLUTIONS, Hyderabad

Nondestructive testing:

It is any of a wide group of analysis techniques used in the science and technology industry to evaluate the properties of materials without causing damage

Destructive testing:
(DT) is a form of objective analysis that involves applying a test to break down a particular material to determine its physical properties, such as the mechanical properties of strength, toughness, flexibility, and hardness.
What you’ll learn:
Complete Material analysis through DT and NDT techniques.
1. Applying various concepts of mechanical and metallurgical engineering.
2. Material selection
3. Machining using CNC’s and lathes
4. Conducting different tests as per ISO, ASTM, ASME Standards.
5. Result Analysis
6. Application of the material that undergoes testing.
7. Manufacturing processes of the material that undergo testing.
8. Working of various equipment involved in testing
9. Methods involved in various tests
10. Laboratory management
11. How, these processes can be analyzed and used in engineering projects.
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgy Engineering students only

The workshop is free and 100/- will be charged for issuing the certificate.

If interested, apply through the link here: CLICK HERE


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