Covid19: All The Trails For Developing Corona Vaccine Explained

coronavirus outbreak

Corona virus Outbreak

Here in this article, we would like to provide all the possible ways that the researchers and scientists have been looking to develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus.

The scientists are using mathematical models, genetic models and all the other available sources to develop a vaccine as early as possible to help mankind. Some vaccines are in clinical trials, some are in the animal testing stage.

Here are the details of all the testings that are being developed in different countries.

Malaria Drug Clinical Trails

The USA is highly relying on the anti-malarial drug Hydroxychloroquine. President Trump officially announced that they are looking Hydroxychloroquine as a potential drug in treating coronavirus.

A US-based NGO, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), was approved up to $50 million for clinical trials to test Hydroxychloroquine as a standard drug for treating Coronavirus.

India has already recommended all the Health care workers and their families to take the drug as a preventive measure to control coronavirus infection.

Blood Plasma Of Survivors For Treating Covid19

This mode testing was first performed in India when the first Covid19 survivor got discharged. With the permission of the patient, the researchers will collect the plasma from her blood. They believe that there would be very strong anti-bodies in her plasma that can fight against the coronavirus. So, the government is planning to collect the plasma and develop a powerful vaccine for treating the coronavirus.


Automation Technology To Process Tests

  • Rutgers University is developing a machine using the automation technology to make rapid testing to find out the asymptomatic covid19 infected people.
  • In this process, people can buy testing kits.
  • The institute has submitted an emergency use authorization request to the US Food and Drug Administration for a saliva collection method that will allow a broader population screening.
  • It will allow people who test positive for coronavirus to self-quarantine at the earliest and limit the spread of the virus.

What is BCG Vaccine 

  • Australian scientists are aiming to develop the coronavirus vaccine from already developed BCG vaccine. BCG vaccine will be given to all the newborn babies in India.
  • It is an anti-TB vaccine.
  • It creates a good immune system in our body that can fight against coronavirus.
  • Many countries did not make the BCG vaccine mandatory for newborns.
  • Whereas in India, this is mandatory for everyone.
  • WHO in a recent meet stated that “BCG vaccine in the Indians might have been helping them in controlling the virus contamination”.


  • The drugs used for cancer treatment especially, Lung Cancer treatment is also considered for clinical trials due to their great composition that fights against the virus.
  • But, as we know the vaccine test cannot be done in a short span. It will take around 6 to 8 months to bring it into the market. So, let us hope for the best!



-Krishna (Editor In Chief, Frontlinesmedia)




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