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BBA-Bachelors in Business Administration is the most widely chosen degree by students after Btech. The skill usually a BBA graduate gain is analyzing the market of a business, knowing the audience reviews, giving inputs to the company in growing the business, and managing the customers. But, which path should a BBA graduate choose, and how should be his/her approach.

Opportunity No.1: Higher Studies

Higher studies are the most common and usual degree that a BBA graduate chooses to do. And the most common degree that is being chosen by a BBA graduate is an MBA (Masters of Business Administration). I suggest you crack the CAT exam and try in IIMs (Indian Institute of Management). This is the most prestigious institute in India and the career after becoming post-graduate in IIM will be very good. There are ample opportunities for an IIM graduate. Try for it. Take time to crack the CAT exam.

If you haven’t succeeded in the CAT exam, try at least for Tier 2 B-schools where there will be campus placements. But, do not go into local colleges where you will end up doing a job with 10-15k per month in local areas.

If someone has done MBA and looking for a job, we have other opportunities for you and will reveal them in the next article.

If you want to start your career in the IT sector then you can opt for an MCA degree. MCA has almost equivalent opportunities like Btech freshers in the IT sector. So, opt for an MCA degree and you can easily get into the IT sector. f you have done Maths and statistics in 10+2 then you are eligible for MCA. If not, you can still do MCA, but only a few colleges offer these degrees. Search for them in Google.

Opportunity No.2: Professional Courses

If not higher education, you can start your career by doing a professional course like CA, CS, CMA. As many of us know CA is a bit tough to complete, one can start his/her own chartered accountancy agency. CS or Company Secretary is a very good professional course after BBA which helps one to start a career in a corporate company. There is a certain rule in corporate companies that they should definitely have a CS in their office. But, here the experience matters a lot. The CMA has the highest priority. Especially, the US CMA course which is a series of examination which is both time-consuming and costly. But, a career after US CMA will be excellent.

Opportunities No.3: Private Companies

Many private companies look for a BBA graduate. But, the workload is comparatively high than in other sectors. List of some Private companies that offer jobs to BBA graduates:

  • Media
  • Digital Marketing Agency
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance companies
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Online Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Offlines Marketing

Opportunities No.4: Masters Degree in Abroad

You have a wide opportunity to study higher education abroad after your BBA. BBA it is UG degree, most of the student will do higher education after completing BBA. Countries like Germany, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, etc, offer a course after BBA. the higher education courses like MBA, MSC, etc. MBA itself has more options or majors available to do like international business management, strategic management, financial management, human resource management, etc., also same in MSC. select your country, choose your university depends upon your option.

For Masters’s degree abroad, you need to crack GMAT & IELTS and should get a seat in a good college for a bright future.

Final Words:

BBA is a common degree. So, you have multiple opportunities after your degree. You can write government exams like UPSC, SSC, BANKS, and many more. For the IT sector, MCA is a very good path. So, opt for it. Digital Marketing, Data Science, and Data Analyst are some direct jobs that you will be eligible for a job in the IT sector. But, for Data science Engineering, the IT industry is expecting 8years of experience.





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