Students these days need some guidance to show a perfect path for their careers. Here we are providing few opportunities, required skills, job offers, and other details that could help in shaping up your career as a quality Civil Engineer. Civil Engineering is one such branch where you don’t have enough opportunities in the Software field. Either you should choose the construction field, design, or any hardware automobile companies that have limited opportunities.

For better understanding let me go with our mother tongue ‘Telugu’

Diploma chesina valla nunchi start chesthe Diploma chesina vallu pakka 100% meeru B.Tech cheyadame best ani cheptanu. Because, Civil/Mech are such branches that involves with very good skills. So, they will mostly hire Experienced candidates. So, better go for BTech after Diploma. Diploma chesina vallaki jobs ye undava ante, kachitam ga untay. KIA plan, Hyundai plants are hiring Diploma students but, 14k salary ki meetho chala pain cheyinchukuntaru. Its very hard work and very limited salary. This is for Diploma students.

Next, Btech chestunna, leda aipoina vallakosam ippudu chuddam….

Btech cheese time lo meeru Middle Class Familes aithe, settlement is important, job is important anukunte go and learn software courses and grab a software job. Meeku campus placements unte Civil aina, Mech aina, EEE aina meeku campus lo easy ga job vastundi. Ledu software skill ledu anukunte go for core side.

Core Side career ni ela build cheskovali anedi manam ippudu chuddam.

Construction side India lo business boom avtundi. Meeru chustune unnaru large number of projects jarugutunnay. Meeku aa companies lo job vastundi ani cheppanu. You should try for apprentice jobs. Ante meeku pain nerpistaru kani salary ivvaru. Ichina chala limited mellaga aa company lo anni projects lo involve cheskunte meeku manchi platform ane cheppali. Leda I want to go as a qualified Engineer anukunnaru anukondi. There are few companies. Aa list kinda pedtunnam.

  1. Jaypee Group
  2. Gammon India Ltd.
  3. Balaji Railroad Systems Ltd
  4. Punj Lloyd Group,
  5. Jaiprakash Associates
  6. Nagarjuna Construction Company,
  7. GMR Group
  8. Hindustan Construction Company (HCC)
  9. Expert Technology
  10. Hiranandani Construction Pvt. Ltd
  11. Godrej Properties
  12. Prestige estates
  13. Oberoi Realty
  14. DLF
  15. IVRCL Infrastructure & Projects Ltd
  16. Dr. Kelkar Consultants Pvt. Ltd
  17. Larsen and Toubro
  18. Nircon Engineering Consultants
  19. RDS Projects Ltd
  20. Macro Marvel Infrastructure Corporation Ltd
  21. Potential Consultants
  22. Simplex Projects Ltd
  23. Vadakar and Associates, etc.
  24. Shapoorji Pallonji & Company
  25. Sobha Developers Limited

Ee paina cheppina companies anni construction companies ye….Mari enduku asla evaru job notification release cheyyaru anukovachu. Aa companies ki project vachinapude vallu notification release chestaru. For example, recent ga manam L&T, TATA housing and development, DLF notifications vesam. Mana local lo aithe MEGHA company lo huge vacancies unnay. Recent times lo chala projects geluchukunnaru. Oka project vasthe almost 3-6 years work untundi. Okkosari up to 10 years kuda extend avvachu. So, ilanti company websites lo “CAREERS” section meeda eppudu oka look vesi unchandi. Alage MEGHA company lo direct ga approach ayyi resume ivvachu. They will take it, if vallaki kavali anipisthe mimmalni pilavachu.

Ledu bhayya nenu CIVIL Engineering ye chesa kakapothe naku aa side anthaga confidence ledu alanti pedda companies lo chesentha naaku ledu emo anukunte inkoka side enti ante local companies. Local ga chala companies lo CIVIL engineers avasaram untundi. Oka apartment leda, oka venture estunnaru ante minimum 2 engineers ni vallu pettukovalsinde. Oka Hyderabad lo ne konni vandala builders unnaru. Just imagine enni apartments unnay. Aa builders names akkade untay. Aa office ki approach avvandi resume ivvandi. Test your luck. Slaries takkuva unna…slow ga clients tho interact avvadam valla mee sontha company meere start cheskovachu.

Idi kuda kashtam antara, you can be an interior designer. Ee kalam lo idi chala trending avtundi. Non-Civil vallu kuda ee way choose cheskuntunnaru. Because ekkuva mandi household people, Interior designing cheyinchadaniki interest chupistunnaru. So, you can plan that.

Next option GATE chesi M.Tech cheyadam. Top PSU’s lo manaki eppudaina job offers padtune untay. GATE score mandatory avtundi. So, aa GATE score tho top PSU’s lo job techukovachu. Ala GATE ni batti job iche PSU’s list kinda post chestam. Next PHD cheyachu ala chesthe mana India lo unna chala Engineering colleges lo CIVIL ENGINEER PHD chesina vallu kavalsi undi. Enduku ante, ippudu AICTE rule prakaram, every branch ki kanisam oka 2 PHD vachina lecturers undali ane rule techindi. PHD chesina vallaki manchi colleges lo 45,000 – 60,000 varuku pay chetaru. Ade seniority vasthe HOD kuda ayye avakasam undi HOD ki telisinde kada manchi college lo 1,00,000 paina kuda salaries untay.

CIVIL ki GATE score tho PSU lo jobs iche enterprises ive:

  • NTPC – National Thermal Power Corporation Limited
  • BHEL – Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
  • ONGC – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
  • HAL – Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
  • GAIL – Gas Authority of India Limited
  • SAIL – Steel Authority of India Limited
  • IOCL – Indian Oil Corporation
  • BSNL – Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  • ISRO – Indian Space Research Organisation

Next option foreign lo Masters. US, UK, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, GERMANY lo ila top countries annitlo manaki manchi colleges unnay. USA velthe Civil kakapoina konchem kashtapadithe software side settle avvachu. As a working professional in Australia, naa varuku aithe CIVIL ki Australia lo konchem jobs ekkuva. Australia lo unde khali places ki melliga perugutunna population ki ippudu baga construction management boom avtundi. So, you can try that. Around 30,00,000 avvachu. But, Education loan untundi. So, you can try for that also.

This is my suggestion for CIVIL ENGINEERING graduates. Inka emaina doubts unte please mail us at [email protected]

Hope you liked it. Just believe in you that you can do it.

-Krishna (Frontlines Media)







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