Students all over the country are getting ready for the massive interview drives in TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Capgemini, and many more. We have already discussed all other interview processes. Now we will go through the CAPGEMINI interview process. Hope this will help you in cracking the interview.

CAPGEMINI namely has 5 step interview process.

  • Pseudocode
  • English based communication test
  • Game-based Aptitude Test
  • Behavioral test
  • Technical and HR rounds

New Pattern consists of 20 Pseudocode questions and should answer in 20 minutes and then comes English, Game-based test, Behavioral test. These tests are conducted by CO-CUBES(it’s better to go through their previous papers available in the internet)


The pseudocode round is the elimination round. Most of the students who will pass the pseudocode round are expected to crack the interview. This round consists of 20 questions and should be solved in 20 minutes. The questions are asked from C, C++, Data Structures.

Questions will be like,

  • they may give a code and ask you to predict the output,
  • they may give a code and ask you to find the mistake in the code
  • they may give an output and ask you the logic that helps in solving it

English-based Round:

English-based MCQ round is quite easy. It contains all the basic English questions. A person with basic knowledge can also crack if answered with concentration. The English round will have

  • Sentence Corrections
  • Spelling Corrections
  • Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Sentence completions

This is an easy round but this is also an elimination round. If you failed to score good marks you will be out of the process.

Game-based Aptitude Test:

The system has over all of 24 games and it will choose 4 games for you. Before starting the game, there will be a brief introduction of 30 seconds. So, watch it carefully. You can answer the question only after watching the introduction. The game given to you will have levels. Your qualifying probability depends on the levels you solve.

Behavioral Competency Profiling:

The Behavioral test will analyze your psychology of solving or involving in a task. It will test your decision-making ability, time management ability, teamwork, and all. For example, you may get a question like

“Your friend Ravi and you are involved in a project. The project reached its deadline and Ravi fell sick. He did not do the work. Now it is you who need to answer as Ravi is in the Hospital. What will you do? Will you do all the work by yourselves? Report this to your manager? You will also get absent on presentation day?

So, this will be the question type.

Technical and HR rounds will be the same as that of other companies. They will ask you what you have mentioned in the resume. We have already posted plenty of stuff related to them.

Hope you found it helpful. All The Best from FROTNLINESMEDIA


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