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Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The then Government (congress) helps to flee Warren Anderson(CEO) from India to the USA on a special flight within hours…

Mp police house arrest chesaru ventane warren bail meedha release ayyadu…

Mp nunchi Delhi ki Spl helicopter lo pampincharu akkada nundi USA ki,aa tarwatha enka India lo court ki eppudu raledhu…

Court ki avasaramyna Flight journey log record ni kuda foreign company ki amesukunnaru…

The journey logbook — which was considered crucial evidence for authorization of flight, is not in India any longer. Sources claim that the state aviation department sold this aircraft to Span Air Pvt Ltd, a company owned by former Union Minister Kamal Nath’s son in 1998 and the company sold it again to a foreign company.

Warren 2014 lo USA lo elanti punishment lekunda happy ga chanipoyadu…

Timeline of Events:-


December 3, 1984: Pesticide plant of Union Carbide India Ltd (UCIL) in Bhopal releases Methyl Isocyanate. Over 5.7 lakh people affected. The harmful effects of the gas have passed on to succeeding generations.

December 4, 1984: A case registered against Union Carbide. Chairman Warren Anderson is among the nine people arrested. Anderson is later released on bail by the Madhya Pradesh Police

1985: India files a claim for $3.3 billion from Union Carbide in an American court.

1986: A US district court judge transfers all Bhopal litigation to India December.

1987: CBI files charge sheet against Warren Anderson and others accused.

1989: Non-bailable arrest warrant issued against Anderson. The Indian government and Union Carbide strike an out-of-court deal. Union Carbide gives $470 million for compensation. Writ petitions filed in the Supreme Court against the settlement.

1992: Part of $470 million disbursed among victims. Anderson declared fugitive from the law for ignoring a court summons.


November 1994: The Supreme Court allows Union Carbide to sell stake in UCIL to McLeod Russell (India) Ltd September 1996: The Supreme Court dilutes charges against Indian executives of UCIL

August 1999: Union Carbide announces a merger with US-based Dow Chemicals

February 2001: Union Carbide refuses to take responsibility for the former Indian arm’s liabilities.

August 2002: Charges of culpable homicide maintained against Anderson by the Indian court.

2004: India’s request for extradition of Anderson rejected by the US. Supreme Court orders the government to pay out the rest of the $470 million paid by Union Carbide as compensation

June 7, 2010: A Bhopal court convicts the eight accused in the case, including the then UCIL Chairman Keshub Mahindra.

August 1, 2010: CBI files a curative petition in the Supreme Court.