To analyze which state is the best in India, we need to look at the Economy, Environment, Infrastructure, Sex ratio, Education etc..So, let us analyze each of them

Economical Aspect:

When we consider the economic aspect, we need to look at the GDP of every state. So,
in that case, MAHARASTRA comes in the first position and Tamilnadu comes in the second position.
But, there is a small problem here, obviously, the state which has a huge population will
have good GDP. So, we need t to consider the GDP per capita, which means the measurement of per capita of each person in a particular state. Then comes, DELHI with a high GDP per capita in the number 1 position.

And, when we consider the fastest growing GDP and GDP per capita ANDHRA PRADESH comes at no.1 with 16.5% GDP and Jammu Kashmir at no.2.

Unemployment Aspects:

The states should have the lowest unemployment rate, which proves that the state is developing quickly. So, KARNATAKA has the lowest unemployment rate at 0.9%.


When we are calculating the Human Development Index, we should consider
-Sex Ratio
-Standard of living

In this aspect, Kerala is no.1 and Delhi at no.2
In sex ratio also Kerala is NO.1

Electrification Rate:

This measures how many households are getting electricity facilities…
Here also KERALA comes first with 99.2% and then comes ANDHRA PRADESH with 98.8% electrification.

When it comes to Union Territories:

Daman and Diu come first with No.1 with 100% electrification and then comes DELHI with 99%.

Multi Dimension Poverty Index:

This is measured by considering
-Child Mortality
-Safe drinking water. And here also KERALA comes first and then DELHI

Environmental Aspects:

All northeastern states are very less polluted states because of the more forest areas. Then here comes Arunachal Pradesh at NO.1 and Mizoram at NO.2.

Ease of Doing Business:

Gujarat comes in the FIRST place and ANDHRA PRADESH at no.2.

Crime Rate:

KERALA has the highest crime rate.


Good roads, Schools, Universities, Hospitals are to be considered here, then the No.1 state
in these aspects is ANDHRA PRADESH and the second state is MAHARASTRA.

So, by seeing the above statistics we can probably state that KERALA is a very good developed state but still, other states like Maharastra, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are giving tough competition to KERALA in many aspects.


    • We are discussing here about the No.1 state. So, we mentioned only the first two states in all the aspects to derive the number one state. Telangana is in top 3 in many aspects…Hopefully we will make another post on telangana seperately.


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