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The construction business is booming these days. Along with the construction, the business of iron, paints, and other related things will also gain momentum. So, here is our new article on how to start a franchise of ASIAN PAINTS which is the most prominent and valued company in the Indian market. Asain Paints capture around 50% of paint sales in India.

Here in this article will discuss how to start the business, requirements, and investment for this business.


One should approach the Asian paints regional service agent to gain the franchise rights. We can also approach them through their website and toll-free number. The link of the website and other details are provided below.


One should have all valid personal documents like Adhar card, Pan Card, and other government ID’s. Along with that, one should register a firm on his name under the state government which costs you around 8000/-and you should also get your GST number. You have to get a bank account in your firm name.  If you have all these documents ready, then the Asian Paints will have no objection to offer you the franchise.


As said above the registration of the firm costs you 8000 rupees and you need to have a working capital investment of 4 lakhs to buy the paints from the company, to put the advertisement stuff and some makeover to your shop.

Along with this, you need to buy a machine from Asian Paints. There will be 7 standard colors and the machine produces multiple colors basing on the code you enter into the machine. The machine will be available in automatic and semi-automatic types and ranges from 60,000/- to 1 lakh rupees.

So, till here your investment is around 6 lakhs.

Profit Earning Ways:

Basing on the model of paints (paints varies from normal, premium, royal ranges) you will get a commission of 3% to 15%. When you sell a product of 100/- you get a profit of 15/-. Apart from the commission, you can also add the retail price. But, the real earning depends on the marketing you do for your business.

To make your business successful, you need to open your shop near to the main road and should deal with local builders. You should organize meetings, provide them some concessions so that they find the benefit of buying the product from you. Initially, you start the business by just taking the commission but, when your business grows you can increase the prices based on the market.

Look into the first FAQ:

-Krishna (FrontlinesMedia)



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