Rohingyas are the Muslim group in Burma, later changed as Myanmar. The population of the Rohingya group is estimated to be 1,40,000 in 2011. Later, the Rohingyas are reported raping a Buddist woman in Myanmar, who were the majorities in the country. Communal riots started between the Buddhists and the Rohingyas.

The Rohingya groups reported raping, killing and robbing the properties of the Myanmar majority people that are the Buddhists. So, the Myanmar government sent away the entire population of Rohingyas away from the country.


The Rohingyas are actually, the residents of Bangladesh when India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Pakistan stayed together as Bharatavarsha. Rohingyas were Bangladeshi Muslim groups who were taken to Myanmar by the Britishers to work as farm laborers.

They are considered the most violent group as they didn’t know about society. Most of them worked as laborers, household employees and were away from education and moral values.



Refugees are those who come from other countries and stay as illegal immigrants. Rohingyas after they were sent away from their home countries Myanmar, went to Thailand where the Thailand government didn’t allow them into their country because of the accusations on them as the violent group.

Then they fled to Malaysia where the Malaysia government provided food, medicines to men, women, and children but didn’t allow them into their country.

The UN nation named them as a foreign group and concluded that they don’t belong to any country. Rohingyas then fled to Indonesia. Indonesia did the same thing that the Malaysia government did. They provided food, medicine and sent away from the borders of Indonesia. Then a few of them flew to Bangladesh and India.

Approximately 40,000 Rohingyas came to India in the year 2012 according to government census. The rest stayed in Bangladesh. Bangladesh PM Sheik Haseena once said that “Rohingya community is the most violent group than the terrorist organizations”. This was the reply to the UN as they said that “India and Bangladesh should not throw Rohingyas out of their country”.


As we know the government of India introduced the CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT BILL 2019, where the government said illegal immigrants will be thrown out of the country. The Union Home Minister AMIT SHAH said that “When every country is refusing the Rohingyas to live in their country, why should India allow them..? Already India is overpopulated”.

“The government of INDIA estimated that the population of ROHINGYA MUSLIMS increased 5 times from 2012 to 2019”.

So, leave your comments, Should Rohingyas be allowed to live in India? Or should it be sent away??