Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Many infections in our bodies are caused due to bacteria. And as we know the best way to treat bacteria is to consume ANTIBIOTICS. Antibiotics have many side effects when using them daily. The effect is when we are over-consume the antibiotics, the bacteria in our body become drug-resistant and thus become SUPERBUG.

When this bacteria becomes irresistible, then there is no treatment for that. So as there is no treatment we will just know the causes and the remedies to avoid this SUPERBUG.

According to WHO, in India, almost half of the population consume antibiotics without the prescription of the doctors. When we get a fever, we buy paracetamol from the pharmacy and we ask them for antibiotics as well. Giving an antibiotic without a prescription is a crime.

And 10% doctors instead of treating a simple fever through natural medication or any basic medications, they straight away ask us to consume antibiotics which cause the SUPERBUG.
One more fact is that the antibiotics are basically “THE POULTRY AND ANIMAL FOOD”, of all the antibiotics produced by the pharmaceutical companies, 73% of them are from poultry food and only the rest is specially developed for human.


– Longer Hospital stays
– Higher medical costs
– Deaths at an early age.

So, next time when you consume antibiotics, make sure you have visited the doctor or try using alternative methods to destroy bacteria in your body.

Doctors should come out of the paid Pharmaceutical Companies and use their Enlightened Brain to save future generations from SUPERBUG.