About Us

We are a social media active page FrontlinesMedia, formally known as FLM. The main aim of FLM is to help people in knowing the day to day current affairs. Especially, people these days in their busy schedules may not get time to read the newspaper or watch news channels. People got habituated to social media. So, we thought of providing them news through our page in an entertaining way. We also focus on the issues in society and help in highlighting them until it reaches the concerned officials.

Usually, we post the trimmed version of the news on our social media page. 8 out of 10 followers, were asking us to provide an in-depth analysis of the news that we have posted on our social media page. So, we thought of creating a platform for those enthusiasts. In frontlines media, we provide detailed information on all the current burning topics in and around the world. Especially, this media is mostly for engineering students, UPSC, SSC, State government exam aspirants.

Soon, with the support of followers, we aim to take this platform to ground level. We would like to create it as a one-step medium for students to acquire knowledge.

if any queries please contact [email protected]