Important Phrases of Group Discussion:

Group discussion important phrases…


1) In my opinion..

2) personally I think that….

3) My own view of the matter / issue is that…

4) It seems to me that…

Agreeing with an opinion:-

1) Yes, I agree (absolutely)

2) That matches exactly my own view

3) Yes, That is how I see it.

4) I absolutely hold the same view

5) We both share the same point of view

Partly agreeing with an opinion:-

1) I see what you mean , but…..

2) There is certainly some truth in your words, but you fail to notice that…..

3) I don’t entirely agree with you

4) I understand your reasons; however, I see some aspects a bit differently


1) I am afraid can’t accept…

2) I simply don’t agree with you.

3) I fail to see/observe/find/grap/ understand / feel the logic behind any of your arguments

4) Your arguments are not convincing at all

5) Excuse me, but I have to contradict you quite strongly here.

Interrupting :-

1) I am sorry to interrupt here, but….

2) Excuse for breaking in here right now, but….

3) Can I stop you there for a moment?

4) Hold on a second (informal)

5) Pardon me, but I think this just leads the debate astray

Focusing :- ( discussion lo out of topic ki diver avtunnapudu e phrases use chestam)

1) I think we should focus on the main aspect now.

2) Let’s now consider another important aspect for today’s debate

3) I think we have exchanged our opinions on that point now and should move on…

4) you all highlighted crucial aspects, but have we really discussed………. in depth?

5) Thank you for your honest/thought provoking views, but we should also put attention to……

Important Topics for Group Discussion:

Top GD topics:-
1) Lokpal bill
2) The social network good or bad?
3) Youth in politics
4) should we have exams?
5) Should attendance be made compulsory in engineering colleges?
6) Is Indian culture decaying?
7) Live in relationship
8) Love marriage vs arranged marriage
9) Has democracy hampered India’s progress?
10) Commercialization of health care
11) High oil price – how to deal with?
12) are MNC’s better than Indian companies?
13) Is remixing music a good trend?
14) Will India become a super power by 2030?
15) should education qualification be made compulsory for politicians?
16) advertising
17) Privatisation in India?
18) Impact of valentine day on our culture
19) Brain – drain
20) Skilled manpower shortage in India?
21) Are space missions a wastage of resources for a country like India?
22) Every cloud has a silver lining
23) Should animals be used for testing drugs and medicine
24) Impact of movies on teenagers
25) Rules are made to be broken
26) Is globalisation really necessary?
27) Is T20 cricket killings real cricketing skills?
28) Should there be censorship on media?
29) Co – education is good or bad?
30) Impact of Western culture on India
31) should we change our national game?
32) Privatization of higher education
33) Eve – teasing — who is responsible?
34) Do we need education to become successful?
35) Is computerization causing unemployment?
36) Should internet be censored?
37) vegetarianism
38) Reservation in promotions
39) Are engineers doing MBA a national waste?
40) Effect of computer science on society
41) Housewife vs working women
42) Television – an idiot box or useful resource?
43) Chinese goods vs Indian goods
44) coke and pepsi should be driven out of India?
45) cloning of humans – is it ethical?