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Queen of England, who is the only Royal family that is still ruling many countries in this 20th century. Still, her birthday is celebrated in a grand manner and its declared a public holiday. Any decision taken by the British parliament should get the approval of the queen of England to become and act. Why is she still treated like this? How does the royal family earn? What are their assets? Let’s know all these through this article.

Every year it costs around $368 Million US Dollars to run the Royal Monarchy. These funds come from both public and private sources. The royal family holds immense property called the CROWN ESTATES. These lands are given circulated around England, Wales, Ireland, and Australia. The queen gave these lands to the governments for administrative purposes.

Every year, the Queen is given an amount of money equivalent to 15% of the Crown Estate properties. This is called the sovereign grants. The Sovereign Grant pays for the family’s travel, palace upkeep and utilities, and royal employee payroll, according to official royal family financial reports. Directly or Indirectly the British citizens will be paying this amount through taxes.

Apart from these the queen also has some private income & this is called Privy Purse. The Duchy of Lancaster estate and her personal property and investments. It is a private estate of commercial, agricultural and residential properties that dates back to 1265.

It produced £19.2 million ($26 million) in income for the Queen during the most recent fiscal year. The Queen uses this money to pay for official and private expenses, including some costs incurred by other members of the royal family who undertake official engagements on her behalf.

The crown also owns one of the largest art collections in the world and the Crown Jewels collection, which is made up of more than 140 individual pieces and estimated to be worth at least $4 billion.

Queen Elizabeth also owns real estate like the $140 million Balmoral Castle, a holiday home for the Royal Family that is featured on the back of Scotland’s £100 notes, and the $65 million Sandringham House in the English countryside.

She is the Queen for 32 countries and she is the only person on the earth to own huge acres of land on her name. The Queen owns 6.6 Billion acres of land. Kohinoor diamond, now on display in the Tower of London. The diamond had been set in the crown of the current Queen Elizabeth’s late mother.

The Queen is given such importance by the people of those countries because of her vast spread property among different nations. The people show gratitude towards the Queen as the residence which the people are living is also the property of the Royal British Family.