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India begins it’s third phase of vaccination on the 1st of May 2021.
Here is a thread to help you with the process.
1.What are the vaccines available in India.?
 At present there are two vaccines approved and available in India Covishield manufactured by the Serum Institute of India and Covaxin manufactured by Bharat Bio-Tech
2. How is the vaccine administered ?
Ideally 2 doses of vaccine are administered. 0.5ml dose is injected into your arm as intramuscular injection. The dosing interval (time gap between 1st dose & 2nd dose of vaccine) for Covishield is 6-8 weeks ..for Covaxin it is 4-6 weeks. 
3. If a person has any of these like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, any chronic illness like TB, HIV, arthritis etc,(or) on any long term medications ..Is it safe for them to take the vaccine?
Absolutely YES, indeed these people are at a greater risk of acquiring covid. They have high chances of mortality. So, get them vaccinated asap!   
Should i stop or skip taking my regular medications after taking the vaccine.?
NO. You can take all your medicines as usual. Advised to just refrain from taking heavy pain killer medications for a day/two . (You can take tab dolo /pct if you are having pains/fever)
4. If I have tested positive (or) If i’m showing symptoms of covid should i take the vaccine ?
No .. you should NOT take the vaccine as of now. Get a RT-PCR test done first , if tested positive ..wait untill you recover then take the vaccine after 4 weeks from the day your symptoms resolved (or) atleast 14 days after you tested negative.
5. I got infected after taking first dose of covid vaccine and tested positive ..When should i take my second dose ?
 if you have tested positive after the first dose  (or)  if you are showing symptoms before the second dose (or) if you have just recovered form covid..It is advised to defer the second dose of vaccine by atleast 4 weeks (even if it defies the preset interval limit of 4-8week)
6. I’m a pregnant /lactating mother should i get vaccinated ?
 NO.. at present the  MoHFW_INDIA advices pregnant/lactating females NOT to take the vaccine.
7. There’s a whatsapp forward saying girls not to get vaccinated on periods??
 Remember ,Periods never lower your immunity ! Vaccine doesn’t affect your periods !  That’s absolute trash. Girls please get vaccinated!
8. I’m so lean and underweight. My parents say i shouldn’t tak the vaccine? 
guidelines considered only age as criteria , not your height & weight. Please get vaccinated friend!
9. I’m fit .. i eat healthy .. i exercise regularly..i take nutrition supplements everyday..I don’t need the vaccine.?!
 It’s great that you are taking good care of your health ..this defintely helps you in fighting the covid when you are infected ! But, remember u can still get infected and spread the disease to others .Your ignorance will be hamrful to others.So, you should get vaccinated! 
10.  Can i get infected even after taking both the doses of the vaccine?
 Yes! Vaccine prevents the severity of disease not the infection. Even after getting vaccinated, you should follow the covid norms of  face mask, social distancing, hand sanitation..they are the key to stop the infection from spreading .BUT the recently published data by ICMR DELHI shows the chances of acquiring the infection is 0.03% after both the doses of Covishield and 0.04% after both the doses of Covaxin and even among those who go on to develop the infection, the severity of disease/risk of hospital admission and death is next to 0
11. What are the possible side effects after vaccination ? 
Pain at the injection site/fever for 24-72 hours/headache/body aches.(suffering for a day or two is better than suffering for lifetime with please get vaccinated) can take a Paracetamol tablet for the same.
12. They say Blood clots after Covishield ? 
Yes, It has a name TTS (Thrombotic thrombocytopenia syndrome) – but remember it is not seen in every vaccinated person! it is very very rare (1 in 2,50,000 participants in the UK where the study was done)  side effect which should absolutely not be a concern. (Benefits far outweigh risks)
13. Can you get COVID from the vaccine ? 
All the information provided in the above article is collected from trusted resources and is as per govt guidelines. We tried our best to address all the common queries related to covid vaccination.
 So, we request all of you to register and get vaccinated! 
Stay mindful..Be educated from authentic sites..Spread the right information..stay healthy..stay safe..!
Together we can and we will defeat this pandemic.
Dr. B. Gouthami


  1. Mam I am having allergy like if mosquito bite that portion get bendulu (telugu word) can you explain remedy and can I get vaccinated?


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