Many speculations are going on in the digital and social media platforms about the evolution of the coronavirus. In an article published by the Washington Times on January 26th stated that the COVID19 is a result of biological warfare gone wrong.

After the news came out from the Washington Times, the news got widespread in all the platforms and reached every corner of the world. This is the reason why China is being blamed for the evolution of the Coronavirus. The US media house also stated that the evolution of the virus is because of a covert biological operation by China in Wuhan virology laboratory. 

On March 17, a study came out by Kristian Anderson from The Scripps Research Institute stated that the genome sequence in the coronavirus is 96% identical to the genome level to a bat coronavirus. If we think that the origin is natural but from where did the source come from? It is well known that the virology testing in bats was undergoing in the Wuhan virology. There are speculations that the bat that was being used for testing purposes in the virology lab might have transmitted the coronavirus to other animals through zoonotic transfer.

Being a wild market hub of China there are more possibilities that the infected bats may have been served as food to human beings. Researchers also have a doubt that the bats that are undergoing the virology testing may not have been disposed of well.

The third speculation going on is that the scientists at the Wuhan Virology lab have stored the virus for further study and because of human mistakes, leakages may have taken place. The US lab leak advocates have pointed this in 2018 itself. So, there is a possibility that this might have happened. However, the Chinese government and the Wuhan virology scientists denied the speculations. The above three speculations are being most widely spread across the globe which are the reasons for blaming China.

Recently the Australian government warned China that they will be sending an investigating team to Wuhan lab to clear the conspiracies. China in return warned them back and also told them that they will not give any permission for investigation.

However, it is the scientists that need to clear the air, put an end card to the speculations, and deliver the facts to the world.