A South Indian born in the Pallava dynasty has become a God for the Chinese. He is a Buddhist Monk born between the 5th and 6th centuries. He was well known as the transmitter of CHAN BUDDHISM. 

He became very famous for his Buddhist teachings and skills like meditation and martial arts made people of China believe that Lord Gouthama Budhha is back as Bodhi Dharma.

As shown in the movie the 7th Sense, apart from bringing back genetic memory, people started talking about Bodhi Dharma after the world got hit by Coronavirus Pandemic.

Some believed that the genetic memory of Bodhi Dharma can be brought back to find vaccines from Bodhi Dharma DNA.

This can be superficial but, in the below video, we are going to talk about the existence of Bodhi Dharma and how an Indian became God for Chinese and believed to be the next Avatar of Lord Gouthama Budha.

Watch it here: