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Private bank giant, HDFC is accepting applications for their FUTURE BANKERS PROGRAM. Like ICICI Bank, HDFC also got tied up with Manipal academy in Bengaluru and will provide training in their academy to mold you into a perfect banker. The below are details of the training, cost, and stipend.

6 Months of On-Campus training:

  • In on-campus training, you will be trained in an academy
  • You will undertake classroom sessions
  • You will be guided by top bankers in the country

The entire course is for 12 months where 6 months will be on campus and 3 months of internship and 3 months on-field training where you will be paid for that

  1. First 6 months (Classroom learning)– Rs. 5,000/- per month
  2. Next 3 months (Internship)– Rs. 10,000/- per month
  3. Final 3 months (On the job training)- Rs. 10,000/- per month

On successful completion of training, you will be getting a salary of 4 lakhs/annum.

The fee for this entire course that HDFC charges are 3.3 lakhs

Suggestion from FrontlinesMedia:

If you have an academic gap or you stopped your career after your degree, opt for this try to get successfully trained and secure a job. HDFC is one of the richest banks and has a huge number of sales. So, obviously, the work pressure is more in HDFC when compared to other banks. So, if you have a career gap or unable to get any job even after a lot of searching, opt for this.

For ICICI, they will select candidates for training by conducting a simple test. HDFC haven’t mentioned anything related to that but, expect some screening test.

If you are happy with the process. Apply to the new batch registration with their official portal: CLICK HERE


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