Here are some frequently asked C language questions for freshers:

  1. Difference between declaration & definition of function
  2. Features of C language
  3. Different storage class specifiers in C
  4. Difference between local variable & global variable
  5. What are variables in C
  6. Use of static variable
  7. Uses of pointers
  8. What is recursion
  9. Local static variables? What is their use?
  10. Array? Explain Array
  11. Differences b/w array & pointer?
  12. Define the OOPS concept.
  13. malloc() vs calloc()
  14. Define pointer on pointer
  15. Define NULL pointer
  16. Define structure
  17. Difference between far and near pointer
  18. Operator in C
  19. Bitwise operator
  20. Difference between class and object

The tip here: If the interviewer wants to conduct an interview through VIVA format, he mostly asks you about differences. For example differences between array and pointer, differences between C and JAVA, Different variables in C, etc.,

Must read concepts: (Never Miss these)

  • Pointers
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Structures
  • Data Structures
  • Functions, Operators 

Most Predicted Programs to be answered:

  1. Fibonacci Series
  2. Prime numbers
  3. Palindrome
  4. Factorials
  5. Armstrong
  6. Sum of the digits
  7. Swap two numbers
  8. Matrix multiplication
  9. Alphabet triangle
  10. Write an example program for Pointers
  11. Example program for Arrays
  12. Example program for structures
  13. Bubble sort
  14. Convert an array into a zig-zag

Most asked JAVA interview questions for freshers:

  1. What do you mean by Object & Class?
  2. Explain OOPS concepts
  3. What are the OOPS concepts
  4. Explain Inheritance
  5. Explain Normalization
  6. Explain Encapsulation
  7. Explain Polymorphism
  8. Explain Static Method and Static variable
  9. Explain Method overloading and Method overriding
  10. Explain Data Encapsulation
  11. What are collection frameworks?
  12. Explain the FINAL keyword
  13. Explain Multi threading
  14. Explain Array, String

Most asked PYTHON interview questions for freshers:

  1. What is a List
  2. What is a Tuple
  3. What is a dictionary
  4. Explain Modules and Packages in Python
  5. What is OOPS concept
  6. Explain various OOPS concepts
  7. Explain Inheritance
  8. Explain Normalization
  9. Explain Encapsulation
  10. Explain Polymorphism
  11. How many keywords are there in Python
  12. Common built-in Data Types in Python
  13. Difference between PYTHON/JAVA
  14. Which is faster JAVA or Python
  15. What is break, continue and Pass in Python
  16. What is slicing in Python
  17. Explain about decorators in python

Tips: If you don’t know the question that the interviewer asked you to solve humbly just tell him. Don’t bluff and waste his time. He may reject you for this reason. If you know the program but forgot the logic, just say him and if he allows, start writing confidently. 


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