Who is George Reddy


Many of us have been listening to George Reddy for many days. But many of don’t know who he is actually…Some call him Indian Che Guevara, some call him Jr.Bhagat Singh.

In a single word, he is a unique student leader from Osmania University. University topper and a favorite student for all professors. After completing his MSc in Osmania University, he applied for Ph.D. in the same university.

Those were days when many atrocities were going on in Osmania Universities. Girls were treated very badly and the lower caste students were badly treated by upper-caste students. George was unable to bear these atrocities and want to revolt against them. He wanted to start a student revolution in the university. He gathered all the lower caste students’ power and simultaneously he became a student leader at Osmania University.


He joined as student leader in Congress Party but later resigned by seeing those vote bank politics. Later he started a group called “Progressive democratic student Group”. Many students who faced atrocities and girls who faced eve-teasing joined in the group. Later his influence went throughout the Telangana.

Later Geroge aimed at contesting in Osmania University student leader elections where the opposition was very strong who have political power but still George Reddy became the student leader with a huge majority.

After this many political parties aimed to kill him. Once he was attacked by 15 political goons in the college where he single-handedly fought with all of them and was rescued by his friends with major injuries.


After a few months, he proposed a candidate for an engineering college elections and this was hurting the political leaders as the name George Reddy became the power of youth. Finally, after these elections, George Reddy was attacked by 30 goons he was stubbed with knifes 60 times and lost his life.

But still, even after his death, he inspired all the students to fight against odds in the society. The students of Telangana formed a student union naming it as PROGRESSIVE DEMOCRACY STUDENT UNION to fight for the welfare of students.