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Ever wonder what is the person going to be hanged death feels before his execution?
What procedures does the district magistrate, the supreme court, the police department follows before hanging a prisoner to death?
Here we will discuss the process that should be followed according to the jail manual before hanging a person to death, ahead of the NIRBHAYA CONVICTS HANGING.

  • As we all know after the supreme court announces death sentence to a prisoner, he can appeal for cancellation of it through Mercy petition, Review petition and after the president and the supreme court rejects it, he will be hanged.
  • 24 hours before the hanging process, the supreme court issues BLACK WARRANT, it is nothing but the DEATH WARRANT.
  • The district magistrate forwards it to the jail superintendent. This means the person will be hanged at any cost and the Jail superintendent will fix the time and sends these details to the court.

Until then the prisoner who will be hanged will be staying with other prisoners in central jail. But, after the death warrant, he will be shifted to the DEATH CELL. But before that, the police will allow him to visit his loved once or relatives. The district magistrate asks him if he is okay to give his property to his wife, son?
If he says yes, the magistrate makes the proceedings. Exactly 24hours before hanging, he will be taken to the DEATH CELL.

On the other hand, there will be a mock hanging going on with a sandbag that is of the same weight and height as the prisoner. The thread used for the hanging is made in Baxar jail of Bihar.

  • The DEATH CELL is a silent place with a single room.
  • No one will be there in the surroundings of the prisoner.
  • The prisoner will now be given clothes that have elasticity so that he may not commit suicide before getting hanged.
  • On this day, he will be asked about his last wish and given good food that he wished to eat. This is the time when many prisoners cry, scream and recollect all the sins they have committed in life. He will be given 1 hour to walk in the jail corridors.

On the day of the hanging, the prisoner is made to get out of sleep between 2.30 to 3 am. He is made to the bath. The jail superintendent, District Magistrate will come to him and read the DEATH WARRANT and the constable ties his hand backward. Doctors look for his health conditions.

Around 12 members namely the jail superintendent, doctor, district magistrate, and other constables will take him to the hanging spot. Now his legs will be tied. He is now taken to the hanging spot and made to stand in front of the hanging thread.
A black cloth will be put on his head on humanitarian grounds so that he might not get afraid of seeing the proceedings. His thread is made to tighten around his neck.

Exactly at the time of death sentence, the jailer drops a white cloth and the lever is pulled.

His body is made to hang for around 30mins and after that, the doctor examines and confirms his death.




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